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Designer Range

Designer Range

Gemstone Pictures

Hand Made Gemstone Pictures

Wedding pictures


Jade Carvings

Superb Workmanship! This ball is made from a single piece of Jade

Fine Arts

Traditional Chinese Fine Arts

Wide range of beautiful hand-made products

Thai Benjarong

Benjarong Jar

Tea sets, dinner sets, vases, bowls and specialty items

We supply a vast range of furniture from over 1,200 manufacturers
If you want it, we deliver it - all you have to do is ask

Our gallery of Lounge furniture shows examples of traditional, modern and world styles. As well as offering standard 3-piece suites, we also provide other configurations, including 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater and multi seat units

As a compliment to the sofa series above, we provide additional Lounge furnishings such as coffee tables, occasional chairs and tables, lamps, wall units and TV units

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 Dining Room

Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes; and range from traditional hardwood through to modern coloured glass sets. As well as offering a choice of wood finishes and styles, we also provide table furniture such as rotating centre stands and glass or lacquer ware accessories

To enhance your dining experience, we compliment each table with stylish sideboards, Welsh dressers, wine units - some will chillers and lighting effects, display cabinets and hostess trolleys

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You may spend 1/3rd of your life in bed, and we aim to supply the exact bed you require. Our range of sizes is not limited to those generally preferred by a single country, but encompasses a full International range from short single beds right through to the largest King Size made. We also offer a range of bunk beds and bed/study units - ideal for the modern teenager

As you would expect, we also provide a full range of other bedroom furniture, such as dressing tables, vanity units, bedside tables, chairs, bedding and lighting

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When is a bath not simply a bath? When you have the choice of our extensive selections. In addition to standard iron, ceramic and fibreglass units, we offer many different shapes and sizes

We can provide many styles of Jacuzzi, from single use, or for 2, 3 or 4 people. Above this, our range also includes the more traditional Hot tubs

In our gallery you will also find examples of shower units, many computer controlled, in a vast range of shapes and styles. You will also see sauna units, and combined shower/sauna units

To complete your bathroom, we offer a choice of glass and ceramic wash basins, toilets and bidets

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 Modern Styles

If, in this gallery, we have shown examples of 1 product in every 1,000 then we have done well. We have concentrated on working with quality manufacturers who understand Western Quality Assurance systems and International Fire Regulations

You will see a wide range of attractive, modern pieces of furniture, designed to make your living space come alive and look incredibly different from standard room furnishings

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This gallery contains those items that didn't fit in any of the other categories. We feature a selection of home computer desks and units, ideal for compact living, and in a diverse range of colours and styles

Other items include coat stands, porch and hall furniture, shoe boxes, ottomans and storage units

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