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Designer Range

Designer Range

Gemstone Pictures

Hand Made Gemstone Pictures

Wedding pictures


Jade Carvings

Superb Workmanship! This ball is made from a single piece of Jade

Fine Arts

Traditional Chinese Fine Arts

Wide range of beautiful hand-made products

Thai Benjarong

Benjarong Jar

Tea sets, dinner sets, vases, bowls and specialty items

We supply a vast range of furniture from over 1,200 manufacturers
If you want it, we deliver it - all you have to do is ask
Here you will find everything you require to provide a good working environment for Senior Managers and CEO's. As well as leather chairs and wood or glass desks, we offer complimentary designs for filing, storage and display. The suite can also include matching furniture for visitors and PA
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 Massage Chairs
Click the picture to view our representative gallery of massage chairs. They come in 3 basic versions: Executive Office, Commercial Heath Centre and Home usage. Most are equipped with optional leg massage units, or vibrating lower-leg support
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 Manager Chair
This gallery represents a small sample of available designs. We offer top quality products designed for Western markets, fully compliant with your National Fire Regulations (See FAQ's). We can also offer some end-of-line and medium quality products for those on a budget - However, all our products are sold at very competitive prices
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 Manager Desk
There are many types and styles of Manager and Supervisor desks, ranging from wide work spaces with room for multiple projects, HR Office suites with complimentary filing and storage, and Computer orientated workspace incorporating designs to allow for Manager's needing to monitor multiple systems and pc's
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 Computer Chairs

If, in this gallery, we have shown examples of 1 chair type in every 1,000 then we have done well. We have concentrated on working with quality manufacturers who understand Western Quality Assurance systems and International Fire Regulations

Most of our business is wholesale - Please ask for a quotation

Why the difference? Our Quality Control Dept. specifies things such as wheel type (PP or Nylon), seat pan thickness (1.2mm, 1.5mm etc), weight to be carried and gas cylinder performance - etc. There are over 600 fabric designs and colours to choose from

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 Computer Desks
This gallery concentrates on 'Stand-alone' desks, which range from a simple rectangular computer tables, common L-shaped configurations (Many options), to less common U-shaped or rounded forms. The latest range includes height-adjustable desks in melamine or wood finishes. This means the leg length adjusts for height, irrespective of the floor-leveling feet - we are waiting for pictures at time of publication, although one version is shown in this gallery
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Workstations are simply groups of desks, some of which can be arranged in traditional 'Cubicle' layout, whilst others represent 'Open-Office' environments, and can grouped in some dynamic ways. There are also many styles and diversities of screens which compliment the desk arrangements, and we can supply whatever type of screen you desire. Some screens are ideal for offering housing of over-head cabinets and other storage facilities, whilst others feature windows, curved glass or communal fax points
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 Reception Area
It has been difficult to find truly representative pictures for this gallery, as most Reception desks are made to order from technical drawings supplied by designers. Our role is to QA the manufacture for your Designer, and supply you with what you need ... this means we also interact with your end-users during production, thus ensuring the design also meets the requirements of the people who will use it
Often the Reception desk forms part of a reception area, which is a company's show area - simply tell us your requirements and it will be made for you
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 Meeting Tables
Meeting tables can be as diverse as the companies and applications they are used for. The top range pieces are in solid wood, and usually come with facilities for microphone & headphones, laptop terminal + remote PA station. Options include: round, oval and oblong tables, as well as solid glass equivalents (Can be coloured glass). Whilst these may me ideal for International conferences and Board Rooms, they do not meet the needs of design teams or middle management groups, whose requirements are very different. We aim to supply whatever your needs are - just ask
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 False Walls
This gallery features some standard Demountable Walls, ideal for larger offices. Most units are 6cm depth + finishing's, and offer accessories such as integral, remote controlled blinds, traditional key or electronic door locks with remote controlled override (Just like your car). We can supply designer units, such as walls incorporating Neoprene to increase sound absorption; and systems suited to floor, wall and ceiling levelling. Please contact for quotation
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 Filing & Storage
Archiving is an essential part of any modern company's' responsibilities, and we aim to provide the solutions you require:
These can be simple wooden drawer sets, metal cabinets, through to fire resistant safe deposits capable of protecting electronic storage media from threat. We also include in this section accessibility options, such as document/disk trolleys and elephant's feet
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