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Designer Range

Designer Range

Gemstone Pictures

Hand Made Gemstone Pictures

Wedding pictures


Jade Carvings

Superb Workmanship! This ball is made from a single piece of Jade

Fine Arts

Traditional Chinese Fine Arts

Wide range of beautiful hand-made products

We supply a vast range of furniture from over 1,200 manufacturers
If you want it, we deliver it - all you have to do is ask

Period and Traditional Furniture made from solid wood by highly skilled craftsmen

These pieces are obviously reproduction, but they are extremely good. We offer our OEM service, so you can obtain the exact design you are seeking. This is also available, should you wish to replace a damaged item

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 Other Styles

This Gallery is devoted to Oriental Design Classics

The pieces are all hand-made form solid wood

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Ottoman's and Cases of all shapes and sizes. They are all traditional, many with hand engraving or lacquer finish

Most are in solid wood, although some are available in Bamboo, leather and material

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The latest addition to our furniture range, and some very unique and interesting designs

This gallery is small, as we await for suitable photo's and product QA

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A sample from our range of Traditional seating - benches, chairs and sets. You may be interested to learn that several of the benches featured, are actually traditional Chinese beds!

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Various sideboards and dressers, all in traditional oriental style

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Traditional Chinese storage cabinets, hand-made using traditional methods

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A selection of traditional and rustic tables, most with seats

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 World Styles

This gallery contains those items that didn't fit in any of the other categories.

Items include  incence burners, ash pots, bowls and screens

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